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This site has been created to complement the written Bibletime lessons given out during the current Coronovirus restrictions making it difficult for us to safely meet together in the Gospel hall. It is our sincere desire to meet again in the hall as a Sunday School once it is safe to do so.

This week’s lesson

Here are all the lessons so far:

B9/B10 Winners

Thanks to everyone who has done the lessons so far - you've all done a fabulous job and we hope you have enjoyed the lessons and learnt something more about God.  The winners for September and October are...           ...

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B11 Story 4 – God gives Salvation

God gives salvation Bible Passage: Numbers 21:4-9 Key Verse: John 3:14 Ever complained about your dinner??  "I'm not eating THAT!!" doesn't usually go down too well with whoever made your dinner!!  God had given the...

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B11 Story 3 – God gives commandments

Three months after being delivered from slavery in Egypt the Israelites reached Mount Sinai, where God told Moses to prepare the people for a very important day. In three days time, God was going to visit Mount Sinai and speak directly to all the people!

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B11 Story 2 – God gives the victory

God gives the Victory Bible Passage: Exodus 17:8-15 Key Verse: Exodus 17:15 The Children of Israel were in enemy army, the Amalekites, had attacked them.  They had been slaves, they weren't soldiers, they...

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B11 Story 1 – God gives food

God provides food for the Israelites Key Verse: Psalm 160v1 Bible Passage: Exodus 16: 1-21 God had been good to the Israelites! It’s hard to believe that soon they were grumbling. They had eaten all the food they had...

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B10 Story 1 – Moses and the first plague

The Nile turns to blood Key Verse: Exodus 7: 16 Bible Passage: Exodus 7: 1-24 In Bible times God's people were called Hebrews or Israelites. Moses and Aaron kept telling Pharaoh, king of Egypt, that God wanted him to...

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