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This site has been created to complement the written Bibletime lessons given out during the current Coronovirus restrictions making it difficult for us to safely meet together in the Gospel hall. It is our sincere desire to meet again in the hall as a Sunday School once it is safe to do so.

This week’s lesson

Here are all the lessons so far:

Monthly Winners – December (B12)

Thanks to everyone who completed lessons for December (B12).  Sorry it took a little longer to pick the winners but the wait is over!!  And if you didn't win this month, you could be next month.  Keep the lessons...

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C2 Story 4 – A Dead Girl Lives

A Dead Girl Lives Bible Passage: Mark 5v21-43 Key Verse: Mark 5v42 A little girl just 12 years old was very sick and about to die.  Her dad, Jairus, went to the Lord Jesus and begged him to come and heal her but did...

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C2 Story 3 – A Lame Man Walks

A Lame Man Walks Bible Passage: John 5v1-15 Key Verse: John 5v24 Imagine not being able to walk for 38 years, just sitting in the one place hoping that somehow it would all change for the better...and for this man,...

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C2 Story 2 – A Crowd is Fed

The  Feeding of the 5000 Bible Passage: John 6v1-14 Key Verse: John 6v35 One little lads lunch wouldn't go far by itself but put it in the hands of the Lord Jesus and over 5000 people were fed and satisfied.  Listen to...

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C2 Story 1 – A Blind Man Sees

The story of Bartimaeus Bible Passage: Mark 10:46-52 A blind man sat at the side of the road as people passed by, on their way into Jericho. He couldn’t see, so he couldn’t work. All he could do was beg. But one day...

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C1 Story 4 – Daniel in the Lion’s Den

Daniel in the Lion's Den Bible Passage: Daniel 6 Although it was against the law to pray to God, Daniel put God first and kept on praying.  And when the wicked princes tried to punish Daniel, God did not forget him. ...

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